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Janelle Thompson is the Founder and CEO of H.E.R. Heart Foundation, Inc. She is a resilient, creative, and dynamic Brooklyn native with a passion for serving today's youth. In addition, she is a mental health counselor, youth advocate,  and public speaker, On a typical day you can find Mrs. Thompson working for a social service agency supervising a Foster Care Mentoring program. Janelle has years of experiences providing therapeutic services and intensive case management services to the juvenile justice population,  individuals diagnosed with mental illness and individuals dealing with grief. Through her youth development and mental health experience, she has owned her passion in efforts to help the next generation. Today, through her gifts of listening, public speaking, teaching, and coaching she is a light for many young men and women. Daily, she is leaning into the dark shattered areas of individual’s lives and helping them put the broken pieces together.  Ultimately, Janelle believes when you choose to lean into the discomforting areas of your life you can and will experience freedom. Janelle received her B.S. in Health and Society from SUNY Old Westbury and a Master’s in Mental Health Counseling from Nyack College. In her spare time she can be found traveling, reading, dancing, and baking.


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