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Everyday  Your Heart  Matters!

It is one of the most powerful, tender, enticing, and priceless things you own and today it is worth healing, embracing and redeeming.

About Us

H.E.R. Heart Foundation, Inc. is a non- profit that empowers and teaches young ladies from the ages of 7 to 29 to accept and deal with the matters of their heart thru a process of Healing, Embracing, and Redemption. As an organization, we recognize the heart is one of the most priceless gifts that is worth recovering in today’s society. The heart contains our most passionate hidden desires and some of our deepest wounds which makes it the most powerful, tender, and enticing thing at the same time. Through an assessment of self-concepts, mentoring, and workshops on development, beauty, health, education, culture and arts we look to inspire and motivate young ladies around the world to pay close attention to the matters of their HEART.

Mission Statement

To teach and empower young women all over the world to understand and accept their individual differences, while unveiling and embracing their inner beauty within a vibrant supportive community.

Vision Statement

To see young women wholehearted, confident, and exuding traits of responsibility, maturity, and elegance. 


Invite us to your school to lead a10-week curriculum desired to equip and inspire your students!


Every year we hand select a cohort of

10-15 young women to go through our mentorship program. 


•    Personal Development

•    Leadership Development

•    Culture and the Arts

•    Life skills

•    Self Esteem

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